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Comporta Location & Weather

Discover more than you’d ever imagined

If Comporta seems small on the map, in reality it’s a land without end. Nestled between the Atlantic and Alentejo, Comporta is located on the boundaries of the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, preserving its traditions and abundant natural and cultural charms within.

Where the summer lasts six months

Comporta offers perfect temperatures for sunbathing and a dip in the sea. This is because the region is embraced by a mediterranean climate and is close to the Atlantic, contributing towards a hot and dry summer and a winter that is pleasantly mild

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Comporta is a land with soul.

A soul that lives within its people. As much is said about the people of the sea - who are dedicated fishermen, very often in families who share their boat and lives - as the people who work the land, the rice growers who have been growing rice in the region since 1836, an agricultural tradition that is part of both the past and present of Comporta.  

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A region with so much to discover. See where to begin

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Make a journey in time

Visit the Roman Ruins of Tróia and discover the art of salting and preserving fish. Then stop off at Alcácer Castle, a unique example of military construction in dried compacted mud brick which was built on the highest hill in the town. Finally, revisit memories and understand the importance that rice has in this region, with a visit to the Rice Museum.

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Explore the region

Start by discovering the Historic Centre of Alcácer do Sal. This Alentejan town with its white painted houses is on a small mount with a view overlooking the Sado. Here you can learn about the history of this ancient capital of the Moors and its trading importance.

End the day at Carrasqueira’s wooden pier and enjoy a sunset so stunning that it almost seems to make time stand still.

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Relax in good company

Round off your holidays in style with a magnificent wine tasting session at the Herdade da Comporta wine cellars.  During your visit discover the wine presses, the production room and top your visit off with a well-deserved wine tasting with an incredible landscape around you.