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Eco-Friendly Real Estate Development: Sustainability

Comporta: sustainable living

Looking to the future


Aware of the ecological sensitivity of the ecosystem in which the Terras da Comporta project is placed, from the very start Vanguard Properties has committed to Sustainability as a core philosophy and a principle of organisation. This has made the project utterly unique and in perfect alignment with the needs of the future, recognizing the pressing need to combat climate change, while at the same time offering an exclusive quality of life.


A unique vision

The project has factored, in the characteristics of the climate and local environment, seeking to preserve the biodiversity and ecology, while at the same time, exploring its natural capacity to adapt and resilience to the resulting constraints from climate change.  

There is a large swathe of pristine areas without any contamination that has remained unaltered, providing clean air and leisure spaces, with a strong presence of nature, with all that this brings for a feeling of peace and freedom.    

With its low-density land use (6%), immersed in 900ha of dunes and forest, the project is essentially a well-managed forest and focused on offering privacy and the lowest visual impact between homes and other buildings.   

“Comporta is a unique and breathtakingly beautiful ecosystem and we have the obligation to preserve it. We are committed to making this project a true example of best practices in the chapter of sustainability because only that way can we ensure a better future for all.”

José Cardoso Botelho

CEO of Vanguard Properties
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Some key factors for sustainability


Prefabricated and wooden structures

The project entails the predominant use of wood and other natural materials such as cork and wood fibre, for thermal insulation, with their unique capacity to fix CO2 from the atmosphere, while at the same time, by using pre-fabricated units, saving time and energy on construction, and reducing all types of negative impacts that would be associated with a conventional building construction method, based on concrete and masonry.    

The construction using wood at Comporta, will be based on industrial production technologies and components like ‘Woodframe’ and CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), produced in Portugal (KŌZŌWOOD, Esposende) and using national biomass. The wood is a natural, renewable, and recyclable material, which promotes reforestation and fixes carbon dioxide. The manufacturing process in the factory will also not resort to the burning of fossil fuels.

The houses will be produced ‘off-site’, with around 90% of the wooden structure manufactured in a controlled factory environment - a strategy that enables employees at the industrial unit in the region of Esposende to be employed locally, avoiding unnecessary commuting, fostering professional/personal life balance, also reducing atmospheric, visual and environmental pollution.

Energy performance

All the buildings, individual residences and all the structures associated with the different amenities and services offered, will benefit from a bioclimatic architecture and the excellent thermal performance of the materials such as wood, cork, and other natural materials and of the NZEB - Net Zero Buildings type, which will be totally aligned with future construction regulations and norms.    

Whilst linked to the electricity grid, all buildings will use Renewable energy to produce electricity from photovoltaic panels scaled to maximise solar energy for the comfort and convenience of heating, lighting, and electrical mobility.

Energy Communities

The entire project will constitute an Energy Community, producing, consuming, and sharing the locally produced electricity at a substantial cost reduction in electricity for all the owners of the residences and buildings. 


The mobility required has been carefully planned, with raised/optimised paths between buildings, services, and residences, including the leisure paths, the paths to the beach and to location points with lovely views within the Dunas complex.        

Particular care has been taken to facilitate the use of two-wheel electrical vehicles - vehicles that will be supplied with the houses themselves.  

Other aspects

We also emphasise the treatment of wastewater and recycling for irrigation systems and the collection of differentiated household rubbish/waste. This integration of processes and amenities will include a health clinic, a wide range of sports facilities (including golf) and emphasis on sourcing local produce such as locally grown and produced food products.