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Eco Friendly Real Estate Development: Sustainability

Comporta: sustainable living

Looking to the future


From the very start, Vanguard Properties, aware of the ecological sensitivity of the ecosystem in which the Terras da Comporta project lies, has taken a proactive position which aims to go beyond what is set down in environmental legislation.

Because of its characteristics and the environmental challenges the world faces, a project like Terras da Comporta only makes sense within the context of a sustainable future.


A unique vision

In order to achieve its vision for sustainability at Terras da Comporta, Vanguard Properties has taken the unprecedented step in Portugal of setting up an international, multi-discipline panel of consultants from recognised companies in the area like Bioregional, IISBE International and IISBE Portugal (University of Minho). This independent team coordinated by the Portuguese office of sustainability GreenLab, has been working on defining environmental, social and economic requirements to be applied to the entire project’s life cycle, from architecture to construction, operation and the end of the useful life of the residential, tourist, commercial, leisure and landscaped components of the project.

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Key sustainability factors

After a thorough analysis of Terras da Comporta, 5 Key Sustainability Factors (KSF) were identified: Natural resources, Mobility, Community, Wellness and Environment. It is these factors that will form the core of the strategy to be implemented by Vanguard Properties with a view to not just protect the fragile ecosystem but to also develop a strict and innovative sustainable development policy that will ensure the future of Comporta and its people.

“Comporta is a unique and breathtakingly beautiful ecosystem and we have the obligation to preserve it. We are committed to making this project a true example of best practices in the chapter of sustainability because only that way can we ensure a better future for all.”

José Cardoso Botelho

CEO of Vanguard Properties