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DSC08473 Nature Made

Eco Friendly Real Estate Development: Nature Made

A living-dream, naturally.

Where nature is your stage

At Terras da Comporta, the sea feels like home, the sand extends out before your eyes and the Alentejo releases its song to the top of the highest pine forests.

Mankind is nothing more than just an observer. True and diligent, charmed with the immenseness that surrounds it. Three nature reserves converge in this district - the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, the Serra da Arrábida Nature Reserve and the National Ecological/Agricultural Reserve.

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Nature, as can be seen, resides in every detail. Simplicity too. Which is why everything was thought out so that those who visit us come without baggage, just the clothes on their back. All that you need to see is right here. Side by side with Nature you’ll find dress boutiques, sports shops and all that you need to live at Comporta with the simplicity that governs the modest but great luxuries in life.

"Simplicity is the last degree of sophistication."