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DSC08473 Nature Made

A living dream, naturally.

The destination

Wherever you may be coming from, many arms are awaiting your arrival: the sea, the white sand, the fresh air and the trees. A quartet that encircles you with the desire to stay. To stop. To dive in. To steep your hands in the fine grains of sand that envelop your body. To listen. To take deeper and deeper breaths.

Wherever you may be coming from, there is always a feeling that remains: I have arrived. This is my new home.

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True luxury

Silence. The dictionary says that silence, a masculine noun, is the absence of noise.

What if silence were a house, a room with a view of the countryside, a garden with time to be appreciated, a sky without airplanes, a rolling sea in the background? What if silence was a place on the map? A little green dot that inhales and exhales peace. A luxury. The luxury of the century: live close to the city, but without the hustle and bustle of traffic, stress and not enough time.

It sounds utopian, but this luxury exists. It’s called Terras da Comporta. A rarity at the doors of Lisbon, a diamond that doesn’t want to give up its wildness, but wants to be the place where everyone can go and from where no one wants to, or even needs to leave.

And when you find a place like this, time, that time that we’re all trying to stretch, that time that we all want to enjoy with more or less intensity, seems to stand still. Because if we have everything we need within our reach, why not experience that time?

"Simplicity is the last degree of sophistication."