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Comporta Birdwatching Places

On the wings of paradise

Get ready to share the beauty of the Alentejo Coast with other inhabitants. The white egret, the white stork, the flamingo, the kingfisher and many other species are frequent visitors to the region.

Comporta and the Sado River Estuary are a mandatory stop on the migratory route of many birds. Dunes, beaches, pine forests, rice and agricultural fields are their home for awhile. Venture out and discover an extraordinary diversity of fauna and flora.

It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a unique all-encompassing landscape. While you follow the flight of these special 'neighbors' that cross the (almost) always blue sky.

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Atop the belfries

…on the electricity pylons or even on signposts, white storks are recognised from the way in which they blend into the local landscape. Here they build their nests and feed their young for two months.

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Herdade da Comporta

An integral part of the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, the Herdade da Comporta is a wetland which has a huge diversity of fauna and flora which enchants those who visit.