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Vanguard Properties

A Company History Based on Friendship



In 2003, Claude Berda invested in the real estate sector for the first time in the Swiss canton of Geneva, rapidly becoming on of the biggest property players in Switzerland.

With the aim of diversifying investment in other European countries, he landed in Lisbon on 8 October 2015.  

Knowing the country (particularly the North, which he frequently visited in the 1970s thanks to a textile business that he set up while studying Economics and Management at the Dauphine University in Paris), Claude met up with José Cardoso Botelho for the first time at a well-known Lisbon hotel on the following day.

The day began with a short meeting after which José and his wife Tatyana took Anne and Claude Berda on a guided visit of the city.

After a lunch at which Claude revisited the local cuisine which he appreciated so much, the group continued their visit with a stop off at the unmissable belvedere Miradouro da Graça to appreciate one of the city’s most breathtaking views.

The backdrop provided an unforgettable moment. It is between two ‘selfies’ which, as it happens, feature an advertising board announcing “plot of land for sale”.

Claude, who was already enchanted with the city, suddenly turned to José and said, “I feel at home here. I love the city and I get on really well with you. You don’t fancy being my business partner and buying that plot of land?” Still taken aback by Claude’s spontaneity, Without hesitating José replied: “Done!” They then shook on it.

That’s how their adventure began

A beginning founded on friendship and a meeting of minds and ambitions which by 2019 benefitted from the arrival of Alexandre Berda who ever since then has accompanied the group’s activity on a daily basis.

*Today the “Terraços do Monte” project is being developed on this plot



Fast forward six years, and today Vanguard Properties is the largest real estate developer operating in the luxury and premium segments in Portugal.

Our slogan - ‘Inspired by art, designed for living’ - encapsulates our position in the market for the various stakeholders and in essence defines our desire to create concepts applied to products that are best expressed by their originality, quality and functionality.

The operation and growth of Vanguard Properties revolves around three key tenets: lifestyle, technology and sustainability. Anchored in the holistic vision and view of the future envisioned by the developer, these core principles interact at various levels. Our main goal is to ensure that the residents are satisfied and that their investment grows in value, paying considerable attention to the development or the communities in which are projects are placed.

The company that manages the group’s assets currently employs a team of around 45 experienced and highly qualified staff. It has a portfolio of over 1 million square metres, representing an investment in excess of 1,150 billion euros.


Social responsibility and sponsorship

 With the aim of contributing towards a healthy lifestyle, greater environmental awareness and improving the quality of the lives of the communities where it develops its activity, Vanguard Properties’ social responsibility policy and sponsorships reflect the way in which the founders view their role in society.

Since 2018 Vanguard Properties has been implementing a social responsibility programme, supporting various innovative and high-impact initiatives in different areas and partnered with specialists, which are expected to run over the next few years.