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Horse Riding

Comporta Horse Riding

The taste of freedom

Much more than a walk, horse riding around Comporta is an invitation to connect with nature and be part of it. You will be swept away by the warm wind, the endless landscapes and galloping horses, as beautiful as it is invigorating.

SC 3098

A magnificent trail

With the company Cavalos na Areia (Horses on the Sand) you will gallop through varied landscapes from thick pine forests and lush rice paddies to dunes with their unique vegetation. At the end, there’s the Ride along the seashore with the brine, foam and wind in your face.

Cavalos Na Areia

An activity for all

The horse rides are suitable for all ages and prior experience is not necessary. You can do it together as a family, with your group of friends, or even as a couple, with the warm, golden colours of the late afternoon as your backdrop. 

Cavalo Video

Try horse riding lessons

We will provide horse riding lessons. The lessons will be adapted to the experience of each person, whether taking your first steps or perfecting your horse riding technique.