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Eco Friendly Real Estate Comporta Portugal: Beaches

Catch the waves

More than just a beach, Comporta is a living treasure.

A vast sandy beach. A sea in shades of blue and green. White sand. Nature in all its simplicity. At Comporta, the beach is hidden between the dunes.

Shy in its essence, reserved in its exuberance. It is a well-kept secret, only discovered by those who dare to seek perfection.

We dare you!

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Dunas Back

There are no lack of choices from Tróia to Melides. See where to begin.

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A horseback ride

Pine groves. Rice fields. Dunes. An endless sandy beach. Landscapes painted with intense colors and subtle textures. More than perfect for a horseback ride. Discover Comporta with the rhythm of freedom and in the best company.

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Dolphin Watching

Explore the wonderful world of dolphins a little more deeply. A unique case in Portugal and rare in the world, the colony of friendly bottlenose dolphins chose the Sado River Estuary as home. In their company, sail along the shores of the Arrábida Mountain and Troia, on an incredible journey.

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Beach Concierge

You deserve to relax and make the most of your day at the beach. Our exclusive beach concierge service is designed to offer you moments of rest and relaxation. We take care of everything.